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Personal Recommendations

I have personally known Scott Sigur for 5 years, he is honest and dedicated to his family. Scott will be a great addition to the Executive Committee. — Susan Brune

The Callaghan's endorse Scott Sigur. Scott will lead this community with dignity and knowledge. We need him in office!! — Tiffany Callaghan

I personally recommend Scott because of his outstanding leadership skills! I learned all his great political attributes when I was employed by him at ICE. — Brittany Dale

Wonderful family, involved heavily with the community, great business man & professional! — April Hogan

I would like to start off by saying that I live in St. Tammany Parish but I worked side by side with Scott in the streets of Jefferson Parish for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Scott is ethical, honest and hard working. I know he will do a great job. — Michael Morel

I have known Scott for many years. I met him through the Ice Computer Cafe. He created a very safe and happy place for kids to go and have fun while the mothers were able to do whatever they needed to do without having to worry if they were safe. He created a safe haven for kids. He is a great advisor to the kids as well as their moms. He was always there and a phone call away. — Ruby liz Ortiz

Scott is a very kind, helpful, generous, compassionate, and hard working person. I’ve known Scott for the past 6 years, ever since my grandson started visiting Ice Computer Cafe. He seems very knowledgeable about all aspects of his businesses, and he is very pleasant and easy to work with. I believe Scott would serve the residents well as a member of the Republican Executive Committee. Given his successful business ethics and wonderful interpersonal skills, I am confident he will give this job everything he has and then some. — Sheila Palmisano

Mr. Sigur is smart, level headed and honest. He has the best interest of the residents in his heart and I wholeheartedly endorse him for the position. He is a man with strong family values, he is ethical and unbiased. He has my vote and I hope yours as well. — Mandy Rice

I have the confidence that you will succeed in your journey. You have my vote!! — Tommy Serpas

Scott, is a man of integrity, and is heavily involved in the community. I know he will represent all of us well. Scott will make sure things get done, not just for some but for all of us. — Mike Spell

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